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Teaman.Kodo Tenco was born on November 16, 1979, in Yokohama, Japan. He learned tea ceremony from Yoshida Soukan and calligraphy from Nojiri Taiko. He makes traditional Japanese tea showing Teaism on one Tatami at museum or hotel around the world.

International Reading Society (President)
US Professional Tennis Association (Coach)

・28th The English Linguistics Society of Japan (Conference Presentation & Academic Publishing)
・International Exchange Art Exhibition of 150th Anniversary Amity and Commerce between Japan and Italy(calligraphy 2016)
Raday Muzeum in Hungary (tea & calligraphy 2017)
VIRA magazine
Kecskemet Online
Kecskemet TV News filmora
・Khmer Times (2017)
・Khmer Times (2018)
・Tamasa Hotel in Cambodia (tea ceremony 2018)
・Nagasaki University (lecture 2018)
・Luzanky in Czech (calligraphy 2018)
・Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (calligraphy 2018)
・Ginza Forum (calligraphy 2019)
・Stadt Museum in Austria (calligraphy 2019)
・Karnaphuli Folk Triennial in Bangladesh (calligraphy 2019)
・Ginza Book Party (lecture 2019)
・Universal Tea Ceremony at Sankeien in Yokohama (tea ceremony 2020)
・Universal Tea Ceremony at Rinsen in Yashio (tea ceremony 2021)


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